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A safety audit is a core safety management activity. It is a structured process where information is composed relating to the effectiveness, efficiency and reliability of a business’s total health and safety system. This means recognizing potential problems before they impact your employee’s safety your workplace.

When a safety audit is being conducted there are two extensive purposes, these include:

  • Safety audits are regularly conducted to regulate whether the company is in compliance with the safety legislation. These can be performed by representatives of a compliant company or by the business itself.

  • Safety audits are used to recognise weaknesses in the business’s safety programs and processes. Audits are then used as a guide for designing a safety plan or to identify the correct actions that should be taken.


A safety audits is a more detailed method than technical inspections or spot-check inspections.Furthermore, safety audits also review the business’s safety documentation and determine whether their record-keeping systems are adequate or need to be more robust. They will also look beyond their present action’s in the work place and evaluate the business’s safety training.A safety audit will involve a walk-through of the workplace, also interviewing management or employee’s and reviewing business documentation.Safety audits are extremely valuable and beneficial because they:

  • Ensure constant evaluation of the business’s procedures and processes to guarantee that they do not become weakened by habit

  • Facilitate planning developments to the programs, policies and procedures

  • Assistance to identify weaknesses in the human resources divisions

  • Help to validate the correct management dedication to employee’s health and safety

Our trainers are qualified fire safety advisers, they will conduct your safety audits to the best of their abilities and will even help if you need assistance along the way.

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