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Medication & Driving

Medications can affect your driving.

But not only driving can also affect your ability to work safely.

To work safety and also have the ability to drive safely you need to be able to see, think and react properly. Some medications both over the counter and prescription can affect these skills. If you are taking these medicines, it may not be safe to drive or even work safely.

The risks are greater if you are taking more than on medicine or if you drink alcohol while taking medicines.

Common side affects that can affect your ability

  • feeling drowsy or tired

  • feeling dizzy, faint or nauseous

  • blurred or double vision

  • shakiness or unsteadiness

  • confusion and being less alert

  • not being able to concentrate properly

  • reacting more slowly

  • muscle weakness

  • anxiety or other changes to your mood

If you think your medicine is affecting your driving or the ability to work safely, don’t stop taking your medication. Stop driving and talk to your doctor. There might be other medications you can take.

More information go directly to the health direct website.

· Website provides other links to Prescription medicines and driving laws for each state.

· Information on what to do

· Examples of medicines that could affect your driving

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