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Check out this video on Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Here at ERMQ we take PTSD very seriously. It is an issue close to our hearts as many of our trainers come from the emergency response industry and have or still do suffer the effects of PTSD.  ERMQ are always trying to build awareness on PTSD though our training courses, our support of victims, family or friends in employment opportunities or our annual ERT conference. We have workshops and key speakers on the topic of PTSD and how it effects not only the people on the front line but their families and loved ones, and the difficulties of life after the job.

 ERMQ would like to share the video clip above for you to look at:

When Those Sirens Are Gone From what was once a simple song performed by paramedic/firefighter Kevin Davison in his living room quickly became a giant anthem for First Responders. Now this powerful song has a video depicting “just another day in a First Responder’s life”. Song written by Kevin Davison & Doug Folkins

You can read an article below on Kevin & Dougs story

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Aug 14, 2019

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