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Here at ERMQ we are educators who were born to make a difference.
Our belief is that through the decisions we have made with support from our families and communities we can make a difference within the training sector. 
To support our community with the best and most effective training.  
We will take you on a journey to become a well skilled and knowledgeable individual to help those in need and to be able to react in the event of a life-threatening emergency whilst looking after themselves and their community without causing further injury.
We are most inspired when we are exploring the intersection between; knowledge and skills; ability and strengths.
Offering participants and our team the opportunity to excel and push their abilities and limitations.  
There has never been a better time to change the way we complete daily tasks, take more time for our families and our community whilst remaining focused on our vision and values.

our vison.PNG
our vison.PNG

Our Vision

To Save a Life

  • Deliver extraordinary experiences

  • Legacy of relationships

  • Connect with people

  • Is this job tough? YES but it is not impossible

  • We want to be the best

  • Teaching and learning should bring JOY

  • Treat the company as though it is yours

  • Work as a team and the team will be rewarded with success

  • Nothing but the truth

  • Take care of those around you

Our Philosophy


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