Emergency Risk Management Queensland (ERMQ) has been providing onsite training and services throughout Queensland since 2014. Over the years ERMQ has continued to grow as we have developed a wider range of nationally accredited and non-accredited courses. We also pride ourselves on the services we can provide, if it’s medical personal for on site or an event to making sure your pool is compliant, ERMQ has employed staff with emergency services backgrounds from paramedics, fire and rescue and even wildlife rescue to provide you or your business with the best experience and training available.

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Training Courses


We pride ourselves on the courses and training we provide. Our trainers are at the top of their chosen fields and have real industry experience. We only train with the best equipment and facility’s and train with a hands-on approach and simulated scenarios.

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Our Services


Planning an event? Or need a risk management audit? You might even require a paramedic or an emergency service officer on site. Here at ERMQ we can provide that and more, we can even inspect your swimming pool.

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ERMQ Go Wild Reptiles


ERMQ has you covered with a range of courses and services, providing training in snake handling to becoming a spotter catcher. We can even provide fauna management.

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