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Currently holds permits for a wide variety of services from Spotter Catcher through to Snake Relocation Courses.


Our dedicated and highly experienced personal have been approved and recognised through DES (Department of Environment and Science formerly DEHP, DERM, DEEDI (Department of Employment and Economic Development and Innovation and Animal Ethics Committee Approval.

Licenses/Permits consist of:

  • Spotter Catcher Permit

  • Damage Mitigation Permit

  • Demonstrator Permit

  • Animal Ethics Approval

  • Recreational Permit including specialist

eggs, animals, wildlife

Able to conduct services which would benefit your companies service and profiles and assist in compliance issues.


These include:

  • Spotter Catching Services

  • Fauna Management

  • Habitat Inspections

  • Detailed inspections & reports including photos

  • Trapping & Nocturnal Surveys

  • Reptile & Snake Demonstrations

  • Snake Relocation courses - Venomous and Non Venomous

  • Snake & Insect Awareness Programs

  • First Aid & Workplace Health & Safety

bird, flying, animal, widlife

 fully insured:

  • $20 million Public Liability 

  • $10 Million Professional Indemnity 

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