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What types of pools need to comply?


All swimming pools, spas and portable pools that can be filled to a depth of 300mm and have a volume of more than 2000 litres.

How do I know if my pool is compliant?

You can complete a free self-assessment using the QBCC’s simple checklist at   If you are unsure about any aspects of compliance,  give us a call.  We have licensed Pool Safety Inspector. 

Swimming pools are fun. However drowning is the leading cause of death in Queensland for children under five . Supervision is vital and teaching them to swim at a young age can save lives.

Compliance Requirements

Shared Pool – E.g. Caravan Parks, Motels or Unit Complexes – Every Year​

Non-Shared Pool – E.g.  Private residence – Every Two Years

​Renting – Pool safety certificate must be current

If you are issued with a non-conformity issue you will have 90 days to comply and have re-inspected.
If you would like any further information on swimming pool inspections, questions answered or to make a booking please contact us.

Pool Registration

Pool owners should check the register to ensure their pool has been registerd. If your pool is not registered you may face penalties of up to $2356​.  You can search for your pool at


If you do not have a current pool certificate for your property.  Call us to arrange an inspection

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Resort or Rentals

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Pool Safety Compliance




There is now one pool safety standard, the Queensland Development Code Mandatory Part 3.4 ( 1.3 MB), that replaces 11 different pool safety standards.


A copy can be located at:

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