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Emergency Risk Management Qld   

Professional, High Quality Training with a Difference 


Emergency Risk Management QLD (ERMQ) was founded in 2014, for the purposes of providing industry clients and the broader public with a suite of multidisciplinary, site based training, operational and advisory services.

Starting on the Sunshine Coast QLD, our depth of experience and capability to deliver quality training and operational services has seen ERMQ sustainably grow sustainable to now offer services more broadly across QLD and NSW.

Our Scope of Training and Operational Services includes:

  • Safety, Risk Mitigation and Industry Inductions
  • Industrial Emergency Services Fire and Rescue (ERT)
  • Workplace Health, First Aid and Medical Support
  • Specialised Vehicles, Equipment and Consumables Supplies
  • Venomous Snake Handling, Relocation and Advise
  • Pool Safety and Training
To DOWNLOAD a brochure outlining our capability, please click the following link - Brochure.

Our experienced staff of accredited trainers and safety, medical, emergency response fire rescue specialists are hand selected. Our staff come from public safety, paramedical and industrial services, across the Australasia and all hold demonstrated professional experience in remote, high risk, industrial and every day operating and training environments.  Importantly, our staff understand how to mitigate risk, whilst ensuring people, operations and assets are safe.  Therefore, ERMQ is ideally placed to provide tailor-made training, expert consulting solutions and or multidisciplinary public safety, emergency services and paramedical professionals for your workplace or event.


ERMQ are passionate about training and are committed to helping others.

  • To exceed our clients expectations by continuously improving and updating the knowledge, skills competencies and resources needed to provide optimal training, development and operational services, where ever we are operating.
  • To demonstrate our commitment as an industry leader and safety ambassador, and continuously provide a high standard of service.
  • To develop satisfied, informed and confident customers and clients, which receive client focused, quality training and services in a safe and enjoyable environment.
  • When operating a service on behalf of a client, our ultimate aim to safeguard our clients operations, staff and assets, ensuring they can focus with confidence on their core producing operations.
  • To help our learners achieve their full potential through quality education, training and support.  We are  passionately committed to helping others
  • Work in partnership with our clients to support your commitment to safety and compliant to current legislation.
  • To assist staff with continuing professional development, ensuring they maintain, up to date, contemporary industry knowledge, plus provide a culture in which staff excel.
  • To provide people the tools and knowledge to enrich their lives and other people around them.
  • The ability to teach and demonstrate the tools to enhance their knowledge to save a life whether it is a family member, work colleague, friend or a complete stranger.